• Stracon is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements and regulatory standards in every aspect of our operations.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in our processes, products, and services to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain market competitiveness.
  • We foster open communication and collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders to drive innovation and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Our dedication to quality is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, from design and development to production and delivery, to ensure the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance in all our products and services.

Certifications and Quality Policy

AS9100 Certification

  • Focuses on aerospace-specific quality management system requirements, including regulatory compliance and risk management.
  • Emphasizes product safety, reliability, and traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Addresses critical aspects such as configuration management, counterfeit parts prevention, and on-time delivery performance.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and fosters continuous improvement through systematic processes and documentation.

ISO 13485 Certification

  • Tailored for medical device manufacturers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for quality management in the medical industry.
  • Emphasizes risk management, regulatory compliance, and validation of processes and controls specific to medical devices.
  • Addresses key areas such as design controls, sterilization, and cleanroom environments.
  • Enhances product quality, safety, and reliability, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and regulatory compliance.

ITAR Compliance: Safeguarding Sensitive Technologies

ITAR, or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles, services, and technical data.

It imposes strict controls on the export of defense articles, including items such as military hardware, software, and technical data, to prevent their misuse or unauthorized access by foreign entities.

ITAR compliance requires companies involved in the manufacture, export, or transfer of defense-related items to register with the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and adhere to stringent licensing requirements.

Compliance involves implementing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

Non-compliance with ITAR regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and reputational damage, making it imperative for organizations to maintain strict adherence to these regulations to ensure national security and protect sensitive technologies.

RoHS Compliant

Stracon’s commitment to environmental responsibility and product quality is exemplified by its RoHS compliance. RoHS, or the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in electronic and electrical products to safeguard human health and the environment. By adhering to RoHS regulations, Stracon ensures that its products are free from hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and various other harmful materials. This compliance not only demonstrates Stracon’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness but also underscores its commitment to delivering safe and reliable products to customers worldwide.

Stracon’s RoHS compliance is not merely a regulatory obligation but a reflection of its core values of integrity and excellence. Through rigorous quality control measures and adherence to RoHS standards, Stracon guarantees that its products meet the highest safety and environmental standards. Customers can trust that Stracon’s RoHS-compliant products not only comply with regulatory requirements but also prioritize their well-being and environmental sustainability.

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