PCB Manufacturing

Harnessing Strategic Partnerships to Unlock Advanced PCB Solutions

PCB Manufacturing, or making Printed Circuit Boards, is an important step in creating electronic devices. It involves making custom circuit boards that hold various electronic parts. The process starts with creating a base material, usually fiberglass or composite, which is then covered with a thin layer of copper. This copper layer is shaped through etching and other techniques to form the circuits. The design details, like the layout and placement of parts, are carefully made into a physical board using special machines.

Stracon does not make PCBs directly. Instead, we work with reliable companies that specialize in PCB manufacturing. These partnerships give us access to advanced facilities and expertise, allowing us to provide high-quality PCBs that meet our clients’ specific needs. By working with our trusted manufacturers, we ensure our PCB solutions meet high standards and effectively support various electronic systems.


Expert PCB Assembly Services

Gain access to advanced technology, high-quality PCB assemblies, and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.